5Gavin Gould5'8"155April 27, 199625North Vancouver, BC
10Jackson Leppard6'3"204January 18, 200021North Vancouver, BC
11Branden Troock6'3"220March 20, 199427Edmonton, ALTA
13Chad Costello5'9"185July 22, 198635Johnston, IA
17Chad Butcher5'11188January 25, 199625Kamloops, BC
18J.D. Dudek5'11"185January 29, 199625Derry, NH
19Jared Bethune6'2"190January 20, 199724Fort Frances, ONT
21Jack Combs6'1"205January 26, 198833St Louis, MO
22Zach Hall5'11"185April 29, 199328Belleville, ONT
28D-Jay Jerome6'3"200November 5, 199922Lethbridge, ALTA
41Tyler Poulsen5'9"175April 1, 199328Arvada, CO
49Dawson Butt6'2"205August 8, 200021Buckley, WA


3Darian Skeoch6'5"230March 22, 199724New Liskeard, ONT
4Kris Myllari6'3"200February 5, 199724Kanata, ONT
7Eric Roy6'3"200October 24, 199427Beauval, SASK
15Andrew Jarvis5'8"178May 2, 199724Morrisburg, ONT
20Ben Carroll6'0"190August 27, 199525Sherwood Park, ALTA
23Ben Owen6'1"200August 3, 199328Allen, TX
25Philip Beaulieu5'10"200September 2, 199526Duluth, MN


31Chase Perry6'3"195February 8, 199625Andover, MN
35Hayden Lavigne6'3"200April 7, 199625Brampton, ONT

Players in the AHL

PlayerAHL TeamHeightWeightDOBAgeBirthplace
Spencer AsuchakCharlotte6'6"230November 22, 199130Kamloops, BC
Luke HenmanCharlotte6'1"178April 29, 200021Halifax, NS
Nolan KneenCharlotte5'11"190March 22, 199922Duncan, BC
Ryan LohinCharlotte6'0"192June 26, 199625Chester, PA
Francis MarotteSan Diego6'1"194May 1, 199526Longueuil, PQ

Players in the NHL

PlayerNHL TeamHeightWeightDOBAgeBirthplace
Antoine BibeauSeattle6'4"215May 1, 199427Victoriaville, PQ