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BISCUIT THE BULLDOG joined the Allen AMERICANS Professional Hockey Club after an extensive search for the club’s mascot. He expressed strong interest in being a part of the organization and when the team signed him, he marked it down as the “best day of his life.”

Over his tenure with the team, he has grown into being an integral part of the organization. Whether dancing during stoppages in play, competing on the ice during intermissions, or doing work in the community with the Red Lamp Foundation, BISCUIT THE BULLDOG is enjoying his time in Allen immensely and looks forward to many years more years with the team.

What is better than having the one and only Allen Americans official mascot at your next event?

Don’t miss your opportunity to book BISCUIT THE BULLDOG before his busy schedule fills up. Perfect for birthdays, school events, corporate functions, block parties and so much more!

Interested in booking BISCUIT THE BULLDOG for a birthday party or appearance? Email Biscuit at for more information.



30 Minute Time Slot

Needs: P.A System of some kind, with the capability of playing music, a Microphone


Biscuit and the speaker will teach children in schools about bullying as well as the different types of bullying.


Did you know that 3.2 million Students are victims of bullying each year?

The Allen Americans and your school are teaming up to change that! Biscuit and the speaker will teach S.T.I.C.K. to all the children through physical comedy, as well as talking about real-life situations. They will also go over the different types of bullying and what they mean (Physical, Mental, Self-Bullying, and Online Bullying). Through this 40-minute assembly, the children will learn how to not be a bully, and avoid bullying when they are faced with a problem or situation.

Types of Bullying Addressed:

Physical- Bullying that hurts

Social- Bullying with words

Self-Bullying- Think positively about yourself

Online Bullying- Bullying through social media


See something say something!

Talk it out: If you see a friend being a bully to someone don’t join in, talk them out of a situation.

Include Everyone!

Compassion: You need to respect everyone and show them compassion.

Knowledge: Knowledge is power.

For more information about the program contact Biscuit at