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Idaho Steelheads @ Allen Americans


Nov 17 @ 4:05 PM


Season Ticket Book Pick-Up Event Cancelled!

//Season Ticket Book Pick-Up Event Cancelled!

Season Ticket Book Pick-Up Event Cancelled!

Americans Season Ticket Holders, Premium Seat Holders & Corporate Partners,

We apologize in advance but shipment of our season ticket books has been delayed due to Hurricane Matthew off the coast of southeastern Florida. Our ticket books are coming in from Boynton Beach Florida which is currently in a state of emergency as the hurricane moves in a path towards the outbound shipping point. As a result, Sunday’s Allen Event Center pickup event scheduled from noon to 4 PM is now canceled. Barring further shipping complications, we will have our first scheduled pickup on Wednesday, October 12th beginning at 2 PM here at Allen Event Center. We will be open on Wednesday until 8 PM and will open again on Thursday and Friday 10 AM to 8 PM. Please enter at the Allen Event Center Glass Rotunda Entrance. For those that can’t pick-up on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of next week you will be able to pick-up at a Season Ticket table adjacent to the Allen Event Center Box Office during opening weekend beginning at noon on Saturday October 15th.

Again we very much apologize for the delay as we have looked at all possible alternative shipping options.

Thank you for your understanding patience. GO RED!

Americans Staff

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