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2021-22 Season Ticket Member Renewals2021-04-18T13:05:22-05:00

The upcoming 2021-22 season will mark the 13th year of Allen Americans Professional Hockey here in the “City of Champions”. We’re excited to get back to “normal” with the upcoming season and returning the iconic game experience to our fans starting with our season opener on Saturday, October 23 against the Wichita Thunder (SAVE THE DATE: 10/23/21 | 7:05 pm CT).

Over the first dozen years of excellence we have learned that your passion to “LIVE IN THE RED” is the driving force behind our success both on and off the ice. Our Season Ticket Members (STM) are the true MVPs! Whether it’s packing the Allen Event Center, or sporting your AMERICANS RED around North Texas, we are proud to have you as active ambassadors and members of our hockey family!

In preparing our 2021-22 Season Ticket Member Renewal Campaign, our main goal has been to focus on delivering maximum value to the STM. Here are some prime examples…

• You can save up to 33% off the day of game pricing by renewing before the June 30, 2021 deadline

• You can protect your pricing for three (3) seasons

• STMS will have a year-round schedule of “Members Only Events”

• STMS will have the option to improve their seat locations in the Allen Event Center

before any new season ticket members choose their seat locations

Our pledge is to continue to provide you with opportunities to generate great memories and lasting relationships. Our organization has never been more committed to our fans, as we aim to be engaged with you, year-round as we continue building forward our brand.

If you have any questions during our STM Renewal Process, please feel free to contact us at 972-912-1000 or send us an email at



Mike Waddell

President | Governor







Full Season Membership Pricing Per Game

 Paid In FullPayment PlanNEW STM
Defensive Terrace$12.50$13.50$17.50
Offensive Terrace$13.50$14.50$19.50
Center Ice$25.50$27.00$31.00

Half Season Membership Pricing Per Game

 Paid In FullPayment PlanNEW STM
Defensive Terrace$14.00$15.00$18.50
Offensive Terrace$15.00$16.00$20.00
Center Ice$27.50$29.00$32.50


Full Season Membership Pricing Per Game

Paid in Full1-Apr30-Jun33%
Payment Plan1-Apr30-Jun29%
New Tickets12-Jul30-Sep12%



Pay your 2021-22 Season Ticket Account in full by June 30th.


Pay your 2021-22 Season Ticket account in 2 installments.

Today + 2 months later on the 15th


Pay your 2021-22 Season Ticket account in 6 installments.

Today + 5 following months on the 15th

Account Manager
Will my tickets be digital for next season?2021-03-30T17:10:40-05:00

Yes, all tickets will remain digital and accessible via your Allen Americans Account Manager.

What are the benefits for renewing my tickets earlier?2021-04-05T10:39:28-05:00

There are many benefits to being an AMERICANS Season Ticket Member (STM)!

  • STMs receive the best price available for tickets, and can save up to 33% off the day of game pricing by renewing by June 30, 2021
  • STMs can protect their ticket pricing for three (3) years by renewing for the 2021-22 season
  • STMs are included in “Members Only Events” year-round, once per month minimum
  • STMs receive discounts in the AMERICANS TEAM SHOP and get special pre-sale access to tickets for other events in the Allen Event Center. There are other benefits based on which level of season ticket that you choose, so call our Customer Care Team today at 972-912-1000 and have a conversation about which package best fits your needs.
Why does a full season ticket membership receive more benefits than the half?2021-04-05T10:40:48-05:00

A FULL Season Ticket Member invests double the amount with the AMERICANS so they receive double the benefits.

Why was there an increase in ticket pricing for 2021-22?2021-04-05T10:44:27-05:00

The Allen AMERICANS Professional Hockey Club has not made wholesale pricing updates in three (3) years.  We have updated the pricing for 2021-22 based on that reality, and have also increased the benefits that go along with being an AMERICANS Season Ticket Member. 

STMs also have the opportunity to protect their pricing for the next three (3) years when they renew by June 30, 2021.

How will the renewal process work?2021-04-05T10:48:43-05:00

The Renewal Process Can be completed online in under 10 minutes.  Each Season Ticket Member will log into their Allen AMERICANS Account Manager and follow the steps to renew.  When you fully execute the Membership Agreement, you will protect your season ticket pricing for the next three  (3) seasons: 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24.

If you have any questions about this process, please call our Customer Care Team at 972-912-1000 and they will be glad to assist.

How do I apply any credit I have on my account towards my tickets?2021-04-05T10:50:48-05:00

If you have account credit balance and you would like to use this,  you will need to contact your Allen Americans Representative in order to apply it to your season tickets for 2021-22.  This will not be applied automatically.

Please call our Customer Care Team at 972-912-1000 and they will be glad to assist.

Do the Allen Americans offer payment plans?2021-04-05T10:51:46-05:00

Yes absolutely, we offer multiple different payment plans, including a six (6) month option.

If you have any questions about this process, please call our Customer Care Team at 972-912-1000 and they will be glad to assist.

Tell me more about the Three (3) Year Agreement Benefits?2021-04-05T10:58:43-05:00

The Three (3) Year Agreement was originally introduced in Allen for the 2019-20 season.  Over the past year, we have made several adjustments to the original program in an effort to make this a great value for our STMs.

The default term with Allen AMERICANS Season Ticket Members (STM) is a three (3) year Agreement.  With this commitment, the STM protects their pricing for the entire term of the Agreement, meaning that even if season ticket prices go up during this time, you will only pay the amount you locked in by renewing by the June 30, 2021 deadline. 

STMs also have the right to OPT OUT of the Three-Year Agreement each year, but would lose their pricing protection by exercising the opt-out clause.

If you have any questions about this process, please call our Customer Care Team at 972-912-1000 and they will be glad to assist.

What happens if I do not renew by June 30, 2021 deadline?2021-04-05T11:06:26-05:00

The 2021-22 Season Ticket Renewal Campaign runs from April 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021 – a period of 91 days.

If you renew during this period you will save money over day of game pricing, be invited to exclusive STM events, will protect your pricing for the next three (3) seasons (through the 2023-24 season), and will retain your seat locations from previous seasons (if you renewed for 2020-21 – Seats will be the PERMANENT SEAT LOCATIONS and not the temporary covid seating from 2020-21).

If you choose to not save money, come to VIP events, protect your pricing, and keep your past seat locations, you can still purchase 2021-22 season tickets at the New Season Ticket Member Pricing starting on July 12, 2021.

What if the Allen Americans/Allen Event Center does not go back to full capacity for next season?2021-04-05T11:10:22-05:00

All plans are to return to normal capacity (100%) for the 2021-22 season of Allen AMERICANS Professional Hockey in the ECHL.

In the unlikely event that there is another global pandemic with health restrictions in play in the Allen,TX region, we will address at that time.

Again, the Allen AMERICANS Professional Hockey Club is planning on a 100% full capacity return as of Saturday, October 23, 2021.

Will I be Renewing my Regular Capacity Seats or Temporary Seats?2021-04-05T11:15:39-05:00

The Allen AMERICANS Professional Hockey Club’s 2021-22 Renewal Campaign will focus on renewing REGULAR CAPACITY SEAT LOCATIONS  for the upcoming season.  It’s our plan to return to FULL CAPACITY and “Normal Operations” starting with our home opener on Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 7:05 PM CT against the Wichita Thunder.


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