From the rink to isolation the Allen Americans were hitting their stride when suddenly everyone was driven into quarantine. I had the pleasure to speak with two resigned Americans who also happen to be pretty close friends: defenseman Les Lancaster and forward Joshua Lammon. We discussed what it was like to be pulled from the ice so close to the end of the season and how they filled their break. From house hunting, to golf, to photography these players did it all. 

Lancaster is a native of Yspilanti, Michigan. Last season Lancaster was called up to the American Hockey League more than once.  He was called up by the Iowa Wild, San Antonio Rampage, and Stockton Heat. 

Questions with Les Lancaster

(photo credit: Rebekah Bing)


1: Just as a starter question, were you shocked at all when the ECHL announced they were cancelling the season?

A: When the season was cancelled earlier this year, I was actually called up with the Stockton Heat the AHL so I was a bit disconnected to what was happening in Allen. As most people know Josh Lammon and I are really good friends so we were relaying any new information either of us may have received to another. I would imagine everyone was pretty shocked because this is so unprecedented and a circumstance no one saw coming.


2: What does a day in the life of Les Lancaster look like during this “New Normal”?

A: Haha that’s a good question. Typically wake up between 8-10am (depending on the night before), cook myself a good breakfast and then head off to the gym. Usually at the gym for a few hours before I come home and make lunch. From there it varies on the day. I’ve been skating 2-4 times a week at night, just recently bought a boat so I’ve been going to the lake quite often, and golf when I can! I’m also looking at houses so I’ve been going to various showings trying to find the right one.


3: What has driven you to stay motivated and train during a time like this?

A: Well, hopefully my goal for next year is to make it back to the American league. That’s been sort of pushing me to continue to keep training but also it gets me out of the house! I’m so used to my summer being on-the-go 24/7 so now that there’s not much to do going to the gym or the rink is a nice little getaway. 


4: Who is the best teammate to golf with?

A: Best teammate to golf with… I’ve heard Fraser has been practicing all summer so I might have to give him a match when we get back. Rumor had it that Topping, Pollock, and Guptill play by their own rules. I’m not sure many of the guys want to play with me though, I think they’re afraid I’ll take all their money!! 


5: Who is most likely to forget their phone on the bus or plane? 

A: Oh tough question. I think we have to start worrying about Spencer Asuchak. Never know with the old age when he’ll start forgetting things!

(Photo credit: Rebekah Bing)


Joshua Lammon is one of three players currently on the team from Michigan. Lammon played 54 games and recorded 27 points last season. The Jackson, Michigan native has a passion for photography and a pretty catchy Instagram username (@/lammchops71).I spoke with Lammon about what he did during the break and if he had picked up any new hobbies. 


Questions with Joshua Lammon

(Photo credit: Rebekah Bing)


1: For starters, were you disappointed the season had to be cancelled right as the playoffs were around the corner?

A: The season’s cancellation last year was definitely disappointing. We had a great group of guys and a championship caliber team. What that said, it’s been a challenging time for everyone. We are fortunate that we will have a chance at a playoff run this upcoming season.

2: What are some things you’ve been doing to stay busy during quarantine?

A: I have been skating and training a lot the past two months. We have a small group of guys in DC, which is nice for social distancing practices. However, I was able to go on a cross-country trip from California to Washington DC which was exciting.


3: Did you pick up any new hobbies?

A: I actually started a real estate photography business this summer. I’ve been passionate about photography and real estate separately for a few years now, and I’m excited to have this opportunity to bridge my interest in the two.

4: Between Spencer Asuchak and Coach Martinson, who would win in an arm wrestling match?

A: My money is on Marty since he skips leg day and loves the curl bar.

5: What is the best road city you guys travel to in your opinion?

A: My favorite road city is Boise. It’s a bonus we get to fly there. The hotel and rink are attached, which is super convenient on game days. Plus, we are located in the heart of downtown so there are good restaurants/bar options.

(Photo credit: Rebekah Bing)


So the biggest takeaways for me is that Fraser is the best golf buddy and Coach Martinson is the one to beat in an arm wrestling match. Mabe my goal this year will be to hit the gym, work on my arms and beat Coach Martinson in arm wrestling. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Lancaster and Lammon. Before the season starts, I like to get to know the players better, whether that’s asking a few questions or getting into more personal topics. There is a lot to look forward to before the season starts.


Emma Stevie.