Allen Americans fans are one of a kind. Actually, they are the best in the league! There is nothing like sitting in that blue chair, staring at the Americans logo on center ice. The cold air settles into your bones but no one takes notice because the fans are chanting, rising, banding together to support the greatest team in the ECHL! How do I know this? I am an intern for the Allen Americans and a loyal fan. That’s how. My name is Emma and welcome to Hockey Talk with Emma Stevie. This blog is aimed towards getting to know the players by digging beyond the surface and making you, the fans, feel like family.

My journey with the Americans began when my mom saw an advertisement for a hockey game at the Allen Event Center. With her having grown up as an ice skater and my step dad skating on homemade rinks, it was a great opportunity for them to introduce me to hockey. The first game I ever went to was back in the 2010-11 season. I also spent my 12th birthday at an Americans game which was special given the fact it was a playoffs game. What made it a memorable experience was during intermission I saw my name come up on the board wishing me and others a happy birthday. I also got to meet Biscuit the Mascot, which was a big deal because he’s the best mascot in the ECHL. The game was a rowdy one, both teams wanted to win badly and they played like it. The roaring crowd certainly helped the atmosphere for the players to battle to the end.

What my parents liked most about the games was all the kid friendly activities. My sister and I could “make your own poster”, located in the common area, or participate in Chuck a Puck where you throw a puck onto the ice and whoever gets closest to the bullseye wins a prize, like a free McDonald’s breakfast or a discounted meal coupon. And we can’t forget about the Coupon Blimp, dropping stuff down. Besides all the free stuff, if you’re lucky enough to bump into a player or meet one at a greeting, you will find that they are always willing to chat. The Americans definitely have world class players in that arena. We have been to many playoffs and won two Kelly Cup Championships. It is always a surreal experience getting to see the guys fight their way to the finish line. 

One of the great things about going to see the Allen Americans is the way they play. They always skate with grit and toughness and between the amazing players and spirited crowd, it makes Americans games electrifying. Being able to see the players up close and personal in such an intimate venue is a plus. But what really makes the games memorable, is the crowd. The fans are the heart of the games and the energy and passion of each fan is contagious. 

I know we are all anxious to get back to seeing the guys in action, especially since the league had to cancel the remainder of the season. One thing I can tell you for certain is that this season will be one to remember, no matter what the outcome is. My overall goal is to bridge the gap between players and fans. I want to connect fans with each player and showcase their individual personalities. Hockey Talk with Emma Stevie will make Allen American fans feel more connected to the players they know and love. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.


Don’t Stop Livin’ In The Red!

Emma Stevie