The Allen Americans released their 2020-21 home schedule last week which is a big step in planning for next season. Every season there are changes to the schedule after it is published and given the current circumstances with Covid 19 it is even more likely changes will happen before the season arrives. Here are some of my general thoughts about the schedule and then more of a deep dive.


– The home schedule is much more balanced than in past years. Last season Allen’s schedule had the Americans playing six or more home games against four different teams. In 2020-21 only Idaho will play six games in Allen (two series of three games).


– Tulsa and Wichita play only four times in Allen which is hard to believe given their geographic proximity to North Texas. In a typical season Tulsa and Wichita are in Allen for a total of 12-13 games. In 2020-21 the total is only eight.


– Allen fans will see nine different teams in 2020-21 compared to eight different teams in 2019-20.


– The team usually takes one lengthy road trip and it looks like that will be in late November or early December. The Americans play Utah at home on November 21 and don’t play at home again until December 18. That is longest time between home games in many years.


– Last season the Americans spent most of January on the road. Next season it will be the month of February. Just three home games in February, Wichita on the 4th and Cincinnati on the 19th and 20th. Between January 19 and  March 2 (42 days) the Americans have only three home games.


– Below is a complete list of Allen’s 36 home games by opponent. Teams with an asterisk are Mountain Division foes.

6 games – Idaho*
5 games – Utah*
5 games – Kansas City*
4 games – Tulsa*
4 games – Wichita*
4 games – Rapid City*
3 games – Orlando
3 games – Florida
2 games – Cincinnati

Note the emphasis on divisional play. Allen will play 78% of their home games (28 of 36) against Mountain Division foes.


– Here is a breakdown of the schedule by day of the week comparing next season with last season. The biggest change is on Wednesdays. Last season Allen had no Wednesday home games, next season they have seven. The other thing to note is the loss of one Friday and one Saturday game from last season. It doesn’t seem like much but weekends are the biggest gates. Saturday is the best night for home games based on average attendance

2020 -21
Sunday – 4
Monday – 1
Tuesday –  1
Wednesday – 7
Thursday – 2
Friday – 9
Saturday – 12

Sunday – 3
Monday – 2
Tuesday – 4
Wednesday – 0
Thursday – 4
Friday – 10
Saturday – 13


– The following lists the home games by month for 2020-21 and 2019-20.

October – 5
November – 6
December – 6
January – 4
February – 3
March –
April – 5

October – 5
November – 7
December – 4
January – 9
February – 5
March – 5
April – 1

Allen has typically tried to get more road games early in the season to avoid conflicts with football plus early season road trips help bring the team together. After just one October home game in 2018-19, last season there were five October home games. No improvement for 2020-21 as there will be five home games again in October.

Next season almost half of Allen’s home games (17) will take place before January 1st. This compares to 16 last season and 14 in 2018-19.

Last season the Americans had seven home games in October and November, this season they have 12.


– In the last two seasons the schedule had a combined total of one home game in April. In 2020-21 there will be five home games in April. Could be a benefit if the standings are close.


– Allen had one of the best winning percentage in the ECHL last season at .710. Here is a complete list of the nine teams the Americans play at home this season in winning percentage order from last season. The number of games Allen will play each team this season is in parenthesis:

.742 – Florida (3)
.710 – ALLEN
.667 – Cincinnati (2)
.648 – Idaho (6)
.637 – Utah (5)
.533 – Rapid City (4)
.524 – Tulsa (4)
.484 – Orlando (3)
.452 – Wichita (4)
.434 – Kansas City (4)

– Here is the press release issued by the Allen Americans with details on the home games and a “calendar schedule”



DID YOU KNOW: The Americans will open the 2020-21 season at home on Friday, October 16 against the Rapid City Rush, the same team they opened against in 2019-20. The Americans beat the Rush on opening night last season 3-2 when Jordan Topping scored an exciting goal in overtime. Allen’s overall record on opening night of the season is 7-4 and on opening nights at home their record is 4-3.