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The ALLEN AMERICANS FAN COUNCIL is a group of loyal fans who provide feedback and new ideas that aid in the growth and development of the club, and its ability to exceed expectations by delivering the ultimate fan experience.

Via monthly conference calls and bi-annual meetings, the ALLEN AMERICANS FAN COUNCIL targets visible issues, identifies challenges, and presents ideas to enhance and better the “Americans’ Experience.”

It is important to convey that the ALLEN AMERICANS FAN COUNCIL does not replace direct communication/correspondence between fans and team leadership, but offers a consistent open line of communication from a cross-section of fans with the best interest of the fan experience in mind.

Who is the Allen Americans Fan Council? 

In order to ensure a constructive working advisory board, membership is limited. The board is comprised of no more than 24 members, consisting of a demographic cross-section of fans.

Correspondence and meetings include Allen Americans senior leadership to ensure action items are fulfilled and executed in the vision of the council.

Council members are limited to serve a one-year term.  Following their term a fan may be selected to serve again in the future, but not until they have rotated off for at least one (1) full year.

Why does the Allen Americans have or need a Fan Council?

The Allen Americans care what our fans think, and we act on recommendations that help make the “Americans’ Experience” the best it can be. The Fan Council increases the level of communication and provides us with an immediate sounding board in which to solicit fan opinions and consider fan ideas and suggestions for the future.

Again, please note the board in no way is intended to replace the direct communication between fans and Allen Americans leadership. It only supplements and enhances the fan-club relationship.

What kind of time commitment is necessary to be on the Fan Council?

Bi-Annual Meetings will take place at a location to be determined by the Team President. A private, online Facebook group will serve as an ongoing open line of communication, and involvement/activity is unlimited. Throughout the year, monthly teleconferences also take place, in which council members actively participate in meetings via phone.

How does a fan become a member?
To apply to become a Fan Council member, simply fill out the form below.

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