Biscuit’s Appearance Terms and Conditions

General Mascot Appearance Guidelines:

  • Biscuit can only participate in activities that do not involve speaking.
  • Please arrange a changing room (NOT A BATHROOM OF ANY KIND) that is private and out of the way.
  • Biscuit cannot participate in activities that may cause bodily harm or injury to the performer.

Terms and Conditions:

  • It must be understood that for every 1 hour of performance time Biscuit is required a 15 minute water break.
  • The appearance fee must be paid in full no later than 2 (two) business days prior to the scheduled event.

How to arrange an appearance:

  • A completed mascot request form must be submitted at least 1 (one) week prior to the event.
    Upon receipt of the request, A member Biscuit’s K-9 Krew will review and contact the requestor by phone or email to confirm or deny availability.
  • If Biscuit is available, A member Biscuit’s K-9 Krew will finalize logistics and send an invoice for the agreed upon appearance fee.
  • Confirmation for the appearance will be made after payment has been received for the appropriate amount.
  • Please note that completing the mascot request form does NOT guarantee a Biscuit appearance.


  • In the event that the scheduled appearance is cancelled, the Allen Americans will grant a refund of the appearance fee on the following basis: cancellation made at least five (5) business days prior to the event.
  • If there is a change in the event date for any reason, the Allen Americans cannot guarantee any accommodations for a new date. If any changes occur after the date has been confirmed, please notify the member Biscuit’s K-9 Krew as soon as possible.
  • The Allen Americans may reschedule or cancel an appearance for any reason, including changes in the Americans game schedule and unsafe or inclement weather. In the event the Americans must cancel an appearance, you will receive a full refund of the appearance fee.

**** Biscuit reserves the right to walk away from any appearance they deem unsafe, harmful or uncomfortable with no refund provided.

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