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With your My Allen Americans Account, you will have 24/7 access to manage your tickets.

  • View your ticket(s) on your mobile device
  • Digitally send your ticket(s) to family and friends if you can’t make a game

Managing your tickets through your Americans Account is convenient and secure and it allows the ultimate flexibility in using your seats.

To log in to your Americans Account, visit, your username is the primary e-mail address on your account. If you do not know your password, click on “Forgot Password?” to have a temporary one e-mailed to you. If you have any questions or need your password reset, contact the ticket office at (972) 912-1000 or .

For tickets listed within My Allen Americans Account

Step 1: Visit on your smartphone’s (iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone) web browser

Step 2: Sign in with your accounts primary e-mail address and password. Additional email addresses may be added for access to the accounts if needed. To add additional email addresses please contact your Allen Americans representative.

Step 3: The next upcoming game will be listed or scroll down to choose VIEW ALL and select the game.

Step 4: Tap View Barcode/QR Code

Step 5: Your mobile ticket automatically displays the first seat in your account. To view additional tickets, swipe left, or click NEXT

The ticket taker will scan the QR Code directly from the phone.

Apple Wallet for iPhone users: After viewing your tickets, tap Add to Apple Wallet and then, on the next screen, tap Add.

Google Pay for Android users: After viewing your tickets, tap Add to G Pay and then, on the next screen, tap Save to phone

SEND TICKETS from Desktop

Step 1: Login to My Allen Americans Account at

Step 2: Select the specific event on the dashboard. Click View All to see future games

Step 3: Select Send, then check the box for the seats you wish to transfer and hit Send

Step 4: Enter the recipient’s name and email. You may include an optional message. Send

Step 5: The message below will appear when the transfer is complete


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in using the primary e-mail address associated with your account

Step 3: The next upcoming game will be listed first or scroll down to VIEW ALL. Tap on the desired game.

Step 4: Tap Send

Step 5: Tap the box for each seat you want to send and tap Send

Step 6: Enter the Recipient’s Name and e-mail, with an option to include a message.

The recipient will receive an e-mail notification from the Allen Event Center and must accept tickets for the transfer to be complete. You will receive notification once the intended party accepts the tickets.

What the recipient will receive:

This is some text!
This is some text!
This is some text!
This is some text!

Or they may opt to Decline the tickets:

In order to accept the tickets, the recipient will need to log in to their existing My Allen Americans Account or create a new account with the same e-mail address that the tickets were initially sent to. Once they log in, there will be a notification on the top of the home screen indicating that they have a pending offer and will be able to receive the tickets at that point.

What if I want to cancel and transfer and reclaim my tickets?

From anywhere in the app, click on (the menu icon) in the top left corner and tap Dashboard. Scroll down to choose the desired game. If you have already transferred the tickets, you’ll see the name of the person you sent the tickets to listed. Tap Edit/Manage to reclaim the tickets.

After you reclaim, you’ll see a confirmation. You’re intended party has received and claimed their tickets.

We appreciate your patience in this transitioning process. If you have any questions or issues contact the Allen Americans front office at 972-912-1000 or email