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Kansas City Mavericks @ Allen Americans


Jan 20 @ 1:05 PM


Americans Staff at The Showdown Half Marathon and 5K

//Americans Staff at The Showdown Half Marathon and 5K

Americans Staff at The Showdown Half Marathon and 5K

Allen Americans Front Office Staff members took part in the The Showdown Half Marathon and 5K last Saturday, October 12, at Fairview Town Center

Americans President Matt Canavan, Broadcaster Tommy Daniels and Group Sales Director Amber Barros all ran in the marathon.

“It was a lot of fun to be a part of this event,” said Americans Broadcaster Tommy Daniels. ” Last year there was no way I could have taken on this challenge, but this year I’m in better game shape. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.”

First established in 2012, this race is a beautiful looped course through the countryside and past gorgeous homes.

Runners had the option to pick their favorite team for the day’s big game and get their race swag in either Oklahoma or Texas team’s colors!

The Allen Americans have been involved with the event since 2012.

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