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Jan 02 @ 7:05 PM


Americans Announce Playoff Roster

//Americans Announce Playoff Roster

Americans Announce Playoff Roster

Photo – Lauren Lyssy

Allen, Texas – The Allen Americans, ECHL affiliate of the San Jose Sharks, announced their postseason roster this afternoon, as the club prepares to open the playoffs on Friday night in Idaho. Below is the complete Americans postseason roster,

Forwards: Tristan King, Bryan Moore, Casey Pierro-Zabotel, Zach Pochiro, Alex Guptill, Mathieu Foget, Spencer Asuchak, JC Campagna, Alex Carrier, Bryalon Shmyr and Jared Bethune.

Defenseman: Josh Thrower, Gordie Ballhorn, Mike Gunn, Eric Roy, David Makowski, Miles Liberati, Dalton Thrower and Joel Chouinard.

Goalies: Jeremy Brodeur and Jake Paterson.

Five players currently in the American Hockey League are eligible for the playoff roster; Stephon Williams, Colby McAuley, Alex Schoenborn, Vincent Arseneau and Olivier Archambault.

This is the ninth straight season the Americans have qualified for the playoffs. Allen has made it to five championship rounds with four titles in eight years.

Playoff Rosters consist of a maximum of 23 Players – a 20-man active roster and a three-man reserve list. Upon submission of its Playoff Roster, each Member is required to include:

1. a minimum of 19 active, available (i.e. not injured or on recall) Players; and

2. a list of all other Players who meet the Playoff Roster Eligibility requirements, but who are unavailable at the time that Playoff Rosters are due to the League Office due to recall to the AHL or NHL. The Playoff Eligible List may only list Players who are unavailable due to recall. All other players (i.e. injured Players) must be listed on a Member’s initial Playoff Roster (active roster or reserve list) in order to participate in the Playoffs.

Throughout the Playoffs, but prior to the start of the Conference Finals, as the recalled Players listed on a Member’s Playoff Eligible List become available (due to assignment, release from PTO or their respective AHL teams’ seasons having ended), Members shall be permitted to supplement their initial Playoff Rosters with Players listed on their Playoff Eligible Lists, up to a maximum of 23 Players total. Once a Member has named a total of 23 Players to its Playoff Roster, or the Conference Finals have begun (whichever comes first), the Member’s Playoff Roster shall be fixed for the duration of the Playoffs (barring emergency conditions).

A Player who has finished the Regular Season on Injured Reserve may still be named to a Member’s 23-man Playoff Roster and will be eligible to participate in the Playoffs once his full IR time has been completed (provided all other playoff eligibility requirements have been satisfied). Once a Player has fully completed his remaining IR time, he may be activated and placed on the Member’s Active Roster.

Emergency conditions shall be established when the playing strength of the Member, by reason of injury, illness, recall or suspension by the League, is reduced below two (2) goalkeepers and sixteen (16) skaters. However, should a Member release a Player(s) from its Playoff Roster, its emergency conditions will drop by the same number as the Players they release. Only amateur Players may be signed and added to the Active Roster under emergency conditions.


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