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Kansas City Mavericks @ Allen Americans


Jan 20 @ 1:05 PM


O’Reilly McDonalds 6-Pack

/O’Reilly McDonalds 6-Pack
O’Reilly McDonalds 6-Pack 2018-11-01T15:51:29-05:00

Allen Americans 6-Game Pack Presented by O’Reilly McDonalds!

A deal too good to be true!!


Section Pricing: Seating Map:
Defensive Terrace (Yellow) – $140.00
Offensive Terrace (Gold) – $140.00
Preferred (Blue) – $182.00
Center Ice (Red) – $217.00
Above pricing is for 1 ticket
to each game in 6-pack
Image result for allen americans seating chart

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